Medical Supply Leads

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Complete Medical Supply Marketing Solutions

Suppliers of medical devices can take advantage of Prizm’s powerful lead generation solutions to increase customer base and reduce marketing costs. Our innovative performance-based marketing programs supported by our proprietary and powerful CRM software will reduce the time spent managing expensive campaigns.


At Prizm, we understand the importance of compliance, especially when dealing with the medical industry. This is the very reason why we adhere to a strict process of best practices that requires every lead to have opted in before they enter our system. This process also ensures compliance with all governmental bodies including but not limited to the FTC, DNC, HIPPA and more.

Engage potential customers while paying ONLY for results

Engage potential customers while paying ONLY for results
We are confident with the quality of our leads and ability to generate hundreds to thousands of these online and phone verified leads per day that are pre-qualified to meet your prospect’s interests.
Every lead will be posted into your database in real time and will always contain every single piece of information that you require for your campaign success.

Our lead generation program in the medical supply industry includes:

• Diabetic supply
• Back brace
• Catheter
• Sleep apnea
• Hearing aid
• Mobility
• And more!