Earlier this month, my co-founder (and wife!) were absolutely humbled to learn that our business had been nominated for the EY Entrepreneur of The Year awards for the Pacific region. What’s even more special is that Prizm Media was nominated in the “social impact” category. Being recognized for the positive impact on the health of the patients that we help our healthcare provider partners connect with, as well as those we support through our community outreach programs is an incredible feeling, and we are so grateful.

According to EY, the Entrepreneur of The Year Awards celebrates those who are “building and leading successful, growing, and dynamic businesses.” Since receiving this news – I’ve taken some time to reflect on what it’s been like building Prizm to a point where it is now being recognized as a successful, growing, dynamic business, and what it means to me to be an entrepreneur.

Today, I’d like to share with you what entrepreneurship means to me.

It’s about being disruptive. When my partner and I developed the ideas and principles behind Prizm Media nearly twenty years ago, it was truly about doing something new and innovative. The healthcare marketing space has, and continues to be, a challenging market. Our unique approach, through our focus on delivering high quality patient prospects to our partners has resulted not only in business success, but also in a positive impact on the health of the patients we provide.

Entrepreneurship is about being disruptive first, and then being able to adapt. Once we identified our place as a leader in this market, our focus shifted to making sure we were always ahead of the curve. Whether it was customer trends, new technologies, or ever-changing legislation, our ability to keep up and stay ahead has allowed us to continue to grow.

It’s about being a community leader. One of the aspects of entrepreneurship that is more important to me is my ability to benefit my community. Our company is committed to using 2.5% of after tax profits to support community initiatives such as homelessness and youth entrepreneurship.


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For me, the greatest gift has been to see our team grow to share that same passion for giving back and become more involved in our community initiatives through volunteering their time, finding new ways to give back, and spearheading their own projects.

It’s about being a dad. Being an entrepreneur has also allowed me the freedom and flexibility to really be there with my three kids as they’ve grown up – and that is something I will always be appreciative for. I’ve had the chance to see their big moments, be involved in their activities and programs, all while running a business I care deeply about.

What’s more – I would like to believe that I can serve as a good role model for them, to show them that if they work hard and dream big, they can bring ideas to life and make a real difference for people in their community, and around the world.

Entrepreneurship means so much to me – but none of it would be achievable without the support of my incredible partner, and the wonderful team at Prizm Media who work so hard every day to make a difference for those that we serve. For the Prizm staff reading this article, thank you for all that you do – and know how much I value having you as part of our family.