Today, we’re going to be discussing something that seems simple on the surface, but – as any healthcare marketer knows – can be difficult to achieve in practice. Getting people to click on and interact with your material is one of the ultimate challenges facing healthcare marketers today.

There is so much content out there and it is more difficult than ever to make sure that yours stands out among the crowd. If you were to search “get more clicks” there’s no doubt that you would be exposed to countless more articles providing tips similar ours.



With that said, we think we have some great tips to help your healthcare business get more clicks on your content, and we’re excited to share them with you:

1. Start Strong

They often say “you can’t judge a book by its cover” – but you can judge a piece of content by its headline. In the world of blogging, SEO, and content strategy, a good headline is everything. It should be unique, catchy, and timely, and encourage the viewer to want to “click” to learn more.

Sharethrough has a great headline analyzer that can help you consider how you craft your headlines:


2. Catch The Eye

With so much content to scroll through, design matters. Choosing fonts, graphics, colour schemes, and layouts that are appealing, responsive, and most importantly – readable is so crucial. There are so many websites and blogs out there with some amazing content, but that content is never viewed as a result of poor layout or font choices that are just too hard on the eyes.

In our opinion, simpler is better. Choose a clean layout that compliments your existing branding, use a nice sized font, and make sure you have some appealing images in your headers.


3. Embrace Your Strengths

A huge part of getting people to engage with your content is knowing what you are already excelling at in your healthcare marketing program. For example, if you have a really engaged follower base on Twitter, you should absolutely be engaging directly with them to encourage shares and clicks on the content you are posting.

While social media is the most obvious example, this principle holds true in traditional marketing as well.


4. Be Credible 

Being seen as a credible source for information is an important part of getting users to click on your content. Part of credibility comes from having the right people involved in producing your content. These are folks who are experts in the field, have valuable (and unique) insight to offer and are available to be a consistent voice in your healthcare marketing program.

Another component of building credibility is being aware of your community. If one of your suppliers, complementary products, or even a competitor puts out a really great piece of content – don’t hesitate to share it. This shows your audience that you are focused more on delivering great information, and less about strictly promoting your own product.


 5. Quality Counts

Finally, and most importantly, your content needs to be good! The material that you put out has to be high-quality if you want it to stand out. We’ve seen so many companies who blog strictly for SEO rankings, but there is legitimate marketing value to producing high-quality content. It will lead you to more clicks, and it will lead to people spending more time engaged with the content you produce – be it a website, social media post, white paper, or landing page.

Quality content starts with good writing, a solid concept, and the time necessary to research, draft and fine-tune. If you are a marketing manager, make sure you are not only giving your content producers the tools that they need, but also the time it takes to really craft high-quality content. While it may take a little longer, the results will be worth it in the long run.