Increase your orders for Catheter Supplies with our Catheter Leads Program

“Over 200 million people are suffering from bladder control problems that essentially require urinary catheterization.” 

– World Health Organization

Catheter Leads Program

The catheter market in the United States alone is a $37 billion industry. Everyday patient over the age of 65 who are in need of catheter supplies reach out through our integrated marketing campaigns because they trust us to connect them with a reliable healthcare partner. 

Our proprietary technology assesses the needs of each patient and their level of interest to ensure we connect each patient with the provider that is the best fit. We ensure our processes meet compliance regulations while providing you with inquiries to boost your sales pipeline. Our marketing arrangements are completely AKS compliant (see letter of opinion here). 

Prizm Media takes great pride in driving results for our healthcare partners so they can focus on what matters most – helping patients and improving their health outcomes. Learn more about our catheter lead programs and our processes

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