Companies in the health care and pharmaceutical industries know marketing efforts can be expensive and time-consuming, yet acquiring new client leads is a critical component to increasing sales and revenue. Companies interested in diabetic leads know there is a large pool of prospects, but identifying and reaching the right audience for their services can be highly difficult without spending a lot of effort and money. Sales representatives can make cold calls or contact leads, but they are limited in how many calls or client visits they can make per day. When employment costs are factored in, this could result in companies paying a lot for diabetic lead generation.

Diabetic Lead Generation

There is a constant, if not growing, global demand for diabetes medicines and supplies, which is why successfully targeting diabetic leads can be very profitable. Diabetes affects both the young and the old and can lead to serious health risks if not properly managed. Depending on severity, patients can require a range of medications and equipment, including insulin, insulin pumps, insulin jet injectors, diabetes pills, glucose testing monitors, glucose test strips, lancet devices, blood-pressure monitors, urine test kits, proper footwear, and special insoles.

Because diabetes is so widespread and is an ongoing condition, often spanning a patient’s entire lifetime, there is a lot of opportunity for companies that provide diabetic medical supplies. Many patients rely on their medical care or insurance providers as well as private health care and pharmaceutical companies for affordable medicines and supplies. Well-executed marketing campaigns focusing on diabetic lead generation can connect these patients with the right medical providers.

Prizm Media specializes in lead generation for companies in the health care, pharmaceutical, education, and finance industries in the US, Canada, and UK. Prizm Media has a successful history in the health care vertical and with acquiring qualified leads for medical suppliers at an affordable price—companies only pay for results. To generate qualified diabetic leads, Prizm Media reaches out to diabetic patients who are confirmed to have been prescribed by their doctors to test their blood sugar levels at least once a day. Prizm Media further verifies that patients over the age of 65 use Medicare as their primary insurance and confirms the primary private insurance carrier for those under the age of 65. Not only can Prizm Media reach out to a wide audience for your company, it can also provide your company with qualified leads.