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Diabetic Leads

The diabetic industry is a $176 billion dollar market that is saturated with healthcare providers. Quality Durable Medical Equipment (DME) suppliers need to find informed consumers ready and willing to purchase their products so they can compete. This means diabetic leads are essential. Prizm Media not only offers diabetic leads for sale, our media campaigns generate over 10,000 inquiries a day. Unlike other firms that risk legal action, we only provide verified compliant leads with either type 1 or 2 diabetes. All our diabetic leads are guaranteed to be 100% TCPA, HIPAA, and CMS compliant.


“29.1 million people in the U.S. population have diabetes.” – 2014 National Diabetes Statistics Report


Partnering with us ensures that you can increase your media campaigns alongside your marketing budget. We start small together and increase the size of your campaigns according to the pace that you set. With our pay-per-performance business model, you have total control. Our approach is ROI driven so results are expected from our existing client base.

 Diabetic Leads for Sale


Rest assured that our team will dive in-depth into your marketing life cycles. We will never start a diabetic campaign without fully understanding your sales processes before launching a campaign. Our partnership with you is based on a consultative approach that makes sure you are comfortable and confident. We are careful so that our lead generation quickly and easily speeds your sales.


Our leads for sale are a compilation of web registration forms from relevant websites that speak about diabetes. All our leads are HIPPA compliant so our database is verified and qualified. Whether its glucose meters, insulin or supplies we are ready to provide data that will increase your bottom line.


At Prizm Media, our lead generation is the solution to scalable growth. Fill your sales pipeline and accelerate your sales cycles while strictly adhering to healthcare marketing regulations. Get the conversion you want and the peace of mind you need with diabetic leads’ proven results.

Benefits of Diabetic Leads


 Our database of HIPAA compliant and verified diabetic lists are permission based. You get the leads from individuals that have opted-in and we match them to the right DME supplier which results in a higher ROI. Custom short-form and long-form leads guarantee that you get the type of leads you expect and need from potential customers. No up-front costs to you and contracts and campaigns are based on your level of success.

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