Diabetic Supplier Case Study

Size: 400+ employees
What they do: Mail order diabetic supplier
Who they service: Patients all over the US (except Hawaii and Alaska) who are looking for diabetic supplies.

Challenges Before Working with Prizm Media

The diabetic supplier was struggling with onboarding patients who didn’t test enough times to warrant reimbursements from their insurance carrier. Their ship to rate had decreased to single digits and was looking for a more efficient and predictable way to identify the right patient, appropriate budget to meet targets.¬†


To increase onboarding of patients looking for a new Glucose Monitor to include within their health plan, to be delivered through mail order services.

Our Solution

Prizm Media implemented an Online Lead Identification to identify and connect with consumers with diabetes at their point of need and followed up through Phone Verification by surveying them about frequency of testing and ensuring only those qualified would be connected to intake teams via CRM and Warm Transfer.

Lessons Learned

  • Inbound and outbound teams were necessary to yield maximum ROI
  • Prizm’s pre-existing database yielded to better targeting of consumers
  • Interest to connect ratios became a key performance indicator for success


Conversion Increase

< $225

per new acquired patient


Increase in monthly customer growth

After the pilot phase, there was 600+ increase in patient verifications per day after 20 days 

Ready to connect to diabetic inquiries?