8 Email Marketing Best Practices to Generate More Leads for Your Business

There are many ways to up your lead generation game, but some techniques are more useful than others—even if they’re more expensive. A traditional yet cost-effective solution to generate more leads is email marketing which research shows is the most effective online tactic for lead generation.

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8 Email Marketing Best Practices to Generate More Leads for Your Business

It’s a proven tactic favored by successful marketers that doesn’t require too much investment or a staff of ten. Here’s a list of email marketing best practices to generate more leads.

1. Create an email newsletter with valuable, relevant content.

A newsletter is a great way to let your customers know of interesting things happening at your company and incentives you can offer them. For lead generation using email you need people to sign up and provide their email. Make sure your newsletters are personable and contain relevant information that’s of use to your clients.

2. Offer incentives to improve your open rates.

Using an incentive in your email subject line such as “10% off on your first order” or “Free shipping when you spend $50 or more” makes it more likely for your customer to open your email and not delete or mark them as spam without taking a look at it.

3. Use no more than three fonts.

Well-designed clutter-free emails lead to more conversions, so don’t junk up your email with more than three typefaces. Use fonts that are easy on the eyes and don’t overwhelm your recipients with too much content.

4. Make your subject line compelling.

An ideal subject line should contain no more than 40 to 50 characters. Draw your reader in with a compelling subject line that gives them an indication of what to expect when they open the email.

5. Call-to-action should be at the top.

A call-to-action is the main part of your email and if it’s not visible at the top of your message most of your recipients won’t see it. Ensure that you repeat your call-to-action at least three times throughout the email for higher chances of conversion.

6. Limit your email’s width to 650 pixels or less.

If your email’s width is more than 650 pixels, your recipients will have to scroll horizontally to read the entire message. This is a strict no. Your email should be easy to read and not inconvenient in any way.

7. Include your company’s logo in the email.

For best visibility, your logo should be on the upper left-hand side of your email. Studies show this is where people instinctively look for logos.

8. Your email should match website’s landing page.

Your emails should be similar to your website’s landing page in terms of headline, copy and content. How it reads and designed should also match the landing page. Use analytics to see how your emails and landing pages are performing.