Get a peace of mind and a high ROI by letting Prizm Media take care of your marketing campaign, from conception to completion.

1. What do you mean by 'Patient Generation'

Patient Generation is the art of procuring and delivering inquiries from interested patients who self-report meeting your ideal patient requirements. This approach ensures that you never worry if the ads you place online, TV, or radio result in a consumer response. With Prizm Media, our programs are based on patient inquiries that self-report interest, give consent, and meet your program requirements.  

2. How do you generate patient inquiries?

We use proprietary technology to publish your campaigns with laser-sharp focus to all our vetted digital marketing platforms to engage chronically ill patients and generate inquiries that are a fit with your program requirements. Patients confirm their interest, self report their needs and with the patient’s best interest in mind, we connect them to healthcare companies like yours in real-time, helping your sales team accelerate its sales cycle.

3. What types of marketing channels and media do you use?

We use a wide array of vetted online, offline, and mobile platforms that have yielded above par historical performance to reach over 75 million patients on an annual basis. The channels we use for your campaign will depend on your program criteria, and ideal patient profile.

4. How do you differ from other digital media agencies?

With over 18 years in business our firm is able to balance compliance requirements while maintaining the desired needs for growth and revenue generation through our three pronged approach.


(a) Precision:

Through our platforms, algorithms and marketing management services, we are able to target consumers meeting your ideal criteria with precision.

  • Full assessment of processes, offers,
  • Identification and creation of ideal customer profile.
  • Creation of targeting criteria for ideal customer profile


(a) Performance:

Rather than spending money on advertising where you are provided an estimate on the number of views (CPM) or clicks (CPC), we go a step further and measure your success on the number of patient inquiries you need to not only yield a healthy ROI but also sustain scalable growth . This results in:

  • Saving you time by only engaging patients who you can service and meet your ideal patient profile (based on program requirements and self-reported information)
  • Increasing the predictability of your marketing ROI
  • Developing a highly scalable model that will continue to help you expand your market share long-term
  • Growing your patient base through those that are chronically ill, and require ongoing maintenance medication, specialty medication, and compounds.

(b) Predictability:

After assessing your company’s custom needs, we run a comparative assessment to determine historical performance that meets your needs. This results in:

  • Estimated Numerical range of inquiries you may receive
  • Predictability of required investment to retain scalable growth
  • Ongoing optimization to improve outcomes and results.

5. How do your patient inquiries benefit me?

We work with some of the fastest growing and most innovative pharmacies to expand their patient base by over 200% on average by adding patients who meet their ideal patient requirements. Benefits to our clients include:

  • Taking a more strategic approach to growth by reaching your ideal customer at the moment
  • Simplifying the process onboarding new customers through inquiries that are pre-qualified to meet your ideal criteria.
  • Increasing your market share by reaching interested customers through new channels.
  • Removing compliance risk by working with a trusted industry partner who has been in business since 2001.
  • Taking a proactive approach to growth to drive long term results.

6. Is your process fully compliant?

Compliance is our top priority, and our processes meet or exceed TCPA, Medicare, OIG and HIPAA guidelines. We work closely with legal to stay up-to-date with changes in the industry, and are our RxToMe lead generation platform is .pharmacy NABP verified, making us the only lead generation firms with NABP approval in North America.

    7. What types of inquiries does your company generate?

    Our technology, expertise and media reach is focused on chronically ill patients requiring maintenance medication and medical supplies, including specialty medications and compounds.

    Our clients include pharmacies, durable medical equipment (DME) providers, home medical equipment (HME) providers, diagnostic testing labs, and other healthcare organizations.

    8. What are your guarantees?

    The fine print of what is guaranteed will be included in your contract with Prizm Media. For all programs, the process is driven by the patient and we guarantee that each patient has self-reported that they meet your program requirements.

    9. How do your programs adapt as our company grows?

    We take our time to learn about our client’s business and create campaigns that will work seamlessly with their existing processes. We optimize our efforts to yield quality results for our clients, starting slow, and then scaling and optimizing as our campaigns and clients grow. With Prizm, you know you are getting the fully compliant patient inquiries that are catered specifically to the needs of your business.

    10. Can you integrate with my current software and programs?

    We can set-up API integration with most customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, pharmacy management systems, and dialers including but not limited to: Salesforce, VTiger, ZOHO, Twilio.

    11. How long does it typically take to get started?

    Depending on the level of services required, we are typically able to go live with your program within 48-72 hrs for raw patient inquiries or 5-10 business days for more customized programs.  The timeline begins from the time of executing the contract and pre-payment. Please let us know upfront if you have a timeline in mind for getting started, and we’ll try our very best to accommodate your team!

    12. Which geographic regions are you able to service?

    We currently service clients in both the United States and Canada.

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