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Giving Back

As corporate leaders in the community, our company has pledged to donate 2.5% of after-tax profits to charity.

Giving Back

As corporate leaders in the community, our company has pledged to donate 2.5% of after-tax profits to charity.

We also spearhead community initiatives that directly impact the lives of the less fortunate and young people. Prizm Media drives the local charitable campaign “100 Meals a Week” and the “SHe Accelerates” mentorship program, and is currently working on establishing a program to provide medical equipment to rural Guatemala.

“100 Meals a Week” Charitable Campaign

“100 Meals a Week” is a Vancouver charitable campaign that gives back to the less fortunate in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, also known as “Skid Row.” Led by Prizm Media Co-founders Zeeshan and Karina Hayat, this program has motivated their team, friends, and family to help provide over 40,000 meals and necessities every week since 2007.


As representatives of Prizm Media, Co-founder and CEO Zeeshan Hayat and Co-founder and President Karina Hayat mentor young Junior Achievement (JA) participants. Junior Achievement is the world’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to supporting young people in business. The program has over 120 charters worldwide and provides an international business perspective to local networks. Zeeshan and Karina are proud to be a part of the 60 year old tradition of Junior Achievement in British Columbia.


The “SHe Accelerates” entrepreneurial mentorship initiative was established as a program to assist aspiring and early entrepreneurs in beginning and furthering the success of their start-up with a focus on female entrepreneurs. At this time, Prizm Media is restarting “SHe Accelerates” as a mentorship program for high school students. The initiative aims to help high school students begin their business venture by providing them with industry professional mentors, networks, and key resources to educate and support their entrepreneurial journey.


Zeeshan and Karina Hayat are both proactive leaders in their business and trade networks, contributing as notable entrepreneurs, industry authorities, community contributors, and active members of several associations. As well, despite these achievements, both Co-founders are quick to credit the hard work and creativity of the Prizm Media team in their achievements. Zeeshan is an active member of his local business networks as the Co-founder of Prizm Media and expert in his field. As an award-winning member of ACETECH, he was featured as a leading entrepreneur at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business and has hosted multiple ACETECH “CEO Roundtable” events. Zeeshan also contributes to popular online trade publications HME News and Leadscon and led a presentation on lead generation at Medtrade Spring, the second largest industry exhibition in North America. Karina also enriches her business network as a member and contributor to multiple business and technology associations like BCTIA and the Vancouver Enterprise Forum. She publishes regular industry articles and has spoken at several prestigious corporate and trade engagements. Some of these include presenting in front of thousands at TiEcon in Silicon Valley, BCTIA’s six:forty for entrepreneurs, and Medtrade Spring. Karina is also in the process of becoming an advisor for My Best Helper, a technology start-up led by Dr. Alexandra T. Greenhill, and Elovate15, a California start-up that offers a glucose powder solution for type 1 diabetics.

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