Hearing Aid Franchise Case Study

Hearing Aid Franchise Background

Size:  1200+ employees   

What they do: Mail order hearing aids

Who they service: Patients over the age of 50, 20 miles from a franchise

Challenges Before Working with Prizm Media

Centers not receiving sufficient leads from national ad campaigns through Agency Of Record. They also needed a way to parse the leads to their individual franchises in as real-time as possible to yield best results.


To increase the appointment prospect pool.

Our Solution

Implemented online and verification lead generation programs in tandem to yield hearing test inquiries. Integrated to Franchise CRM to allow headquarters to manage lead distribution based on internal criteria.

Lessons Learned

  • Client’s outbound team was more successful than inbound
  • Digital campaign yielded lower conversions but was offset by verified program
  • Psychological motivation factory – conversions increase when volume increased

Reduced Marketing Risk

Met expected conversion rate of 3-8%

Acheived Target ROI

 Under $225 per new acquired patient

Increased Customers

4x increase in monthly customer growth

Acheived Target Sales

Over 4000 new sales (average, $2500)

After the pilot phase, there was 600+ increased patient verifications per day after 30 days 

Ready to connect to hearing aid inquiries?