Increase your orders for Hearing Aids with our Hearing Aid Leads Program

“About 20 percent of adults in the United States report some degree of hearing loss.” – Hearing Loss Association of America

Hearing Aid Leads Program

We work with a variety of hearing aid suppliers and manufacturers looking for potential customers. We take ownership of the most significant risk for you: your marketing budget.

Our cost-per-inquiry programs allow our healthcare partners to minimize their risk. By maximizing your marketing spend and by focusing on optimizing your sales process, you can experience the growth you’re seeking.

You have an excellent product. By partnering with Prizm Media, we will help grow and scale your business. Receive a peace of mind on dealing with healthcare compliance, as our services and technology are TCPA and HIPAA compliant. Our marketing arrangements are completely AKS compliant (see letter of opinion here). Now, get the right people to try it out. Increase your sales with highly qualified hearing aid leads and inquiries.

Learn why a Hearing Aid franchise turned to Prizm Media to 4x their growth.

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