President & Co-Founder, Karina Hayat Makes 2015 40 Under 40

Karina HayatWe are proud to announce Prizm Media’s President and co-founder Karina Hayat is one of this year’s Vancouver’s “Forty under 40”. Every year, Business in Vancouver highlights the achievements of BC’s outstanding entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and professionals. Winners are handpicked for distinction in business, leadership, and for contributions to the community. We are proud to say that they could not have chosen better.

Karina’s humble beginnings as an entrepreneur began just before the age of 7 when she and her sister sold ice in their impoverished neighborhood of El Limon in Guatemala City. In 1991 the family escaped political unrest and received political asylum in Canada.

Living in a new country and speaking no English, would be perceived by most people as barriers, but Karina saw them as challenges that needed to be overcome. “I remember seeing opportunities nearly everywhere I looked and I remember my sister and I would collect refundable cans and delivered newspapers to make extra money because we knew that our parents couldn’t afford any extras, having left everything behind” says Karina.

These experiences taught her that there was great reward in being able to step outside of one’s comfort zone and gave her the skills necessary to start her business with her co-founder and husband Zeeshan Hayat, while in college. What began as a means to supplement their income to pay off student loans promoting health and wellness products became the vehicle for their passion towards helping people affected by chronic conditions such as diabetes; securely connect with pharmacies for on-demand medication and medical supply delivery.

You can read more about Business in Vancouver’s “Forty under 40” awards here. The annual “Forty under 40” gala is taking place at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel on January 27, 2016. You can find more information and buy tickets at the BIV website.

Tickets and more info: 2015 40 Under 40

About Prizm Media

Prizm Media was founded by Zeeshan and Karina Hayat in 2001 at Douglas College. Both were filled with ambition and great ideas that could help the diabetic community. This led them to lead generation for the health and wellness industry.

Prizm Media’s revenues have increased by 1300% between 2010 and 2015 generating over 15 million healthcare inquiries for some of the fastest growing mail order pharmacies and durable medical equipment providers in North America. But Prizm Media has gone beyond the revenues by also helping BC’s community. Karina and her co-founder have helped guide Prizm Media into spearheading community initiatives that impact the lives of the less fortunate.