Grow Your Medicare Insurance Business with our Compliant Leads, Calls and Data

Medicare Insurance Leads Program

Prizm ‘s compliant lead generation programs help agents, brokers and carriers sell more policies. With our robust infrastructure you can decide how qualified a lead needs to be before it reaches your sales floor.

  1. Choose your lead type (Data, Verified Leads,  Live Transfer, Direct Mail)
  2. Choose your target States
  3. Choose your daily volume cap
  4. Choose your qualifying questions
  5. Choose your buffer (30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds)
  6. Go Live


Generating leads is easy, but generating leads in a compliant way is an art and it takes robust infrastructure and in depth knowledge of the industry. We are involved in every step of the lead generation process so our clients can focus on closing sales rather than worry about compliance. Our process has been :

 TCPA consents drafted and reviewed by counsel

 Reviewed by Blacklist Alliance

 Registered SAN#

 Trained TCPA and HIPAA call agents

 Proprietary Double Opt-In Process