Power Wheelchair Leads

Mobility Leads

Demand for reliable mobility leads is growing because we are not only living longer, we have a generation of baby boomers that are seeking for it. We are able to supply leads that have express interest in power chair equipment through our direct marketing and digital campaigns.

“Number of adults aged 18 and over with at least one basic actions difficulty or complex activity limitation: 74.8 million”Center for Disease Control and Prevention

We work with a variety of Medicare mobility providers and know what is considered quality leads for our clients. Leads can be provided either in a list or transfer live.

Reliable Power Wheelchair Leads

At Prizm Media Inc., we are able to provide reliable power wheelchair leads that is proven to provide a positive return on investment. This is in part of our optimize direct marketing campaigns. We are able to provide a value proposition that is beneficial and successful in the past.

We have worked with a variety of medical professionals in the field that are able to establish consistent sales volume because of our marketing campaigns. Let us work together and start working with prospects that need your help.

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