Our solutions are guided by a deep understanding of your business, and growth challenges. Using leading technology and industry expertise, we provide results-driven programs tailored to your goals.

What you get

Working with our team provides you with the following:


of patients annually that you can reach

35 000 +

new patient registrations daily

500 +

quality assurance agents to pre-qualify patients

  • Technology to reach your ideal patient, in the moment
  • Coaching, best practices and reporting on results
  • Verification Services: Continuous optimization of digital campaigns to meet your objectives

Our Process

Ultimately, how far we go into the process depends on what is the best fit with your goals and resources.

  • TCPA / Clear Line of Sight: Individual sees ad specifying product/service
  • TCPA / Self Reported: Registration and express consent to contact
  • Targeted: Presented with personalized ads
  • Freedom of Choice: Selects program desired
  • Verification Services: Leads verified for true interest and qualification
  • Safe Harbour: Fixed annual compensation for services at fair market rate

Quality over everything

We screen and verify our patients for optimal results. Our phone verification services confirm interest, patient criteria, and eligibility. For example:

We call back a patient with diabetes and hypertension.

We verify patient profile, check eligibility, confirm interest and consent then send inquiries to a healthcare partner. 

Our partners contact the patient immediately to confirm interest and complete the on-boarding process.

We take pride in our high standards

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about the quality of our work and we invite you to find out for yourself.


I’ve been working with Prizm Media for over 6 years now and have to say they are one of my favorite business partners in the patient acquisition/lead generation space. They stand out because for anyone who’s been in this industry, you come across a handful of less than ethical and professional companies, and Prizm is the opposite of that. They have very high standards in dealing with both their clients/customers and vendors; it’s no surprise most of their clients and vendors have been longstanding partners of theirs for years. I highly recommend Prizm Media for your patient acquisition and lead generation needs. 
Lyn Bostandijian, National Sales Director

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