Pharmacy Case Study

Pharmacy Backgound

Size:  300+ employees   

What they do: Mail order prescription services  

Who they service: Patients in east coast states

Challenges Before Working with Prizm Media

The pharmacy was struggling with getting predictable outcomes from their marketing efforts. They were not seeing predictable growth month over a month despite increased marketing budgets.


To increase inbound call traffic for their closed-door pharmacy that would result in faster onboarding of new patients, and high quality leads for increased prescription sales.

Our Solution

Prizm Media implemented a warm transfer program. We worked closely with their team to streamline their workflow and patient onboarding processes to drive high conversions and increase overall sales.

Lessons Learned

  • Warm transfer program created stronger relationships with patients
  • Prizm Media’s pre-existing database yielded better patient targeting.
  • After 60 days, they could gauge their true ROI.

Reduced Marketing Risk

66% Conversion Increase

Acheived Target ROI

<$300 per new acquired patient

Increased Annual Recurring Rev.

200% increase in ARR

Increased Monthy Customer Growth

10x increase in customer growth

After the pilot phase, the patient volume increased to 500+ per day.


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