Entrepreneurship began for CEO & Co-founder Zeeshan Hayat at the age of 22 in 2001, when him and his co-founder/wife Karina Hayat, decided to start an online business during college in Vancouver, British Columbia. Today, that business is Prizm Media Inc. – a healthcare technology firm that focuses on centralizing and accelerating processes for healthcare providers and patients, relating to medical products. The company has made an impact on the lives of millions of patients and serviced some of the fastest growing pharmacies and durable medical equipment providers in North America. In this podcast, audiences in Vancouver and around the world will get an inside scoop about Hayat’s journey, philosophy, advice for entrepreneurs, and fun details about the man behind Prizm Media.

Podcast Timeline:
0:00 – Introduction

1:26 – Zeeshan Hayat & Prizm Media Inc.

3:48 – Financing & Revenue Generation

5:10 – Long-term vision

7:19 – Being an entrepreneur in Vancouver, the good and bad

11:20 – Activities and location to recharge in Vancouver

13:40 – Starting all over again as an entrepreneur

15:53 – Routine

17:00 – Are entrepreneurs wired differently?

18:56 – Reading Recommendations

20:04 – Online and Offline tool recommendations

20:50 – Dream profession outside of entrepreneurship

21:20 – What kind of job would you not like to do?

21:53 – What is your favourite quote or sentence in business?

23:19 – Mentors

23:27 – Least favourite word

24:53 – Words to describe yourself

26:27 – What keeps you up at night?

27:44 – Top 3 things on your bucket list

29:18 – Advice to entrepreneurs

30:48 – How long would you last on a tropical island?

33:05 – Contact details and final advice

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Media Contact: David Ninh, Social Media and PR Specialist at Prizm Media Inc., Email: david.ninh@prizmmedia.com, tel: 604-326-0096 ext. 217