Vancouver BC – November 22, 2018 – CEO of the healthcare technology company Prizm Media Inc., Zeeshan Hayat, was recognized by Business in Vancouver magazine with a 2018 BC CEO Award on November 15, 2018.  Though this is the second award for Zeeshan from the publication – he was previously named one of BC’s Top 40 Under Forty in 2014 – he is the first Pakistani-Canadian to be awarded the honour. At the event, Zeeshan paid homage to his grandfather Aslam Hayat, for his support and advice. “My grandfather left his home, his career, his entire life behind in Pakistan so I could have the support of family and a better future. He bought me my first computer which sparked my interest in technology and entrepreneurship. But most of all his kind and selfless actions created the passion I have to do the same for others,” says Hayat.

“Zeeshan is not only a great strategist, who thrives in challenging situations, but he is driven by a philosophy of creating a positive impact not only in business, but in the community at large,” says Nikhil Mathew, COO of Prizm Media Inc. Mathew noted that Hayat’s unwavering focus and purpose driven approach is what has led the company to create a high achieving and family culture that feels like home.

Hayat co-founded Prizm Media with his partner and wife Karina Hayat – the company’s President – 17 years ago while still in college. He notes the journey couldn’t have taken place without her contribution, effort and values that they share. “We challenge each other daily, to do our best and be our best in the service of others.  Be it the patients we connect to our clients. The clients we serve. Or our local community and team.”

In the enclosing statement of his acceptance speech, Hayat expressed how success could only be attributed to three things. The community you impact, gratitude and sharing. “Appreciate every handshake, every phone call and every mistake you make. Nothing is accidental. Everything happens because we’re meant to learn something, and to grow because of it. Share your time, your knowledge, and the wealth that God has entrusted you with. Because whatever you put out into this world you will get back tenfold.”

In 2017, Prizm Media overcame a significant downturn by innovating. The team worked together to focus on its patient care technology that helps pharmacies simplify the patient onboarding experience, reducing costs through automation, while helping their businesses scale quickly and compete.

For more information on Prizm Media Inc., read the company’s website. More information on the 2018 BC CEO Award is available on Business in Vancouver’s website .

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