pt inr test leads

PT/INR Test Leads

Qualified PT/INR leads are essential to generating net new clients. Diabetics rely on PT/INR devices and are looking for DME devices for home use. There is a growing demand for medical equipment for home use.

Clients are able to take tests at the comfort of their home without having to visit a lab to get their blood tests done. Our PT/INR leads help save patients time and get the peace of mind of knowing what to do if something unexpected should happen.

Reliable and Consistent PT/INR Leads

Prizm Media Inc. can help provide reliable PT/INR test leads that have been proven in the past and will continue to provide positive returns for your first and ongoing marketing campaigns.

We have over 10 years of experience working with medical and healthcare professionals and PT/INR suppliers to provide you the volume you require. Get in touch today to get started and start seeing results immediately.

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