Vancouver, BC —- August 24th, 2018 – RxtoMe, the medication delivery app that is improving the life quality of thousands of patients in America, has evolved to a medication management app with the release of version 3.1, adding two new features to its ordering and free delivery capabilities:

  1. Medication Reminders
  2. Calendar

Medication Reminders – Patients can now use RxToMe to schedule in their medication and receive reminders or alerts to take it. The option to add notes related to a medication – whether to take one pill or two, or if it needs to be taken with or without food – and the ability to snooze or skip a reminders are features that will no doubt come in useful, and there is something particularly satisfying about hitting ‘take’ once you have taken your medication.

Calendar – The new calendar feature of the RxtoMe app provides the ability to track new medications, preview any medication history, as well as see any upcoming scheduled reminders. As with the scheduled reminders, having this information on a separate app keeps other calendars clean and easy to read.  It allows patients to identify trends in their medication intake and makes planning a lot easier.

“Medication adherence is something that patients really struggle with on a regular basis. This shouldn’t be a surprise when someone has multiple chronic conditions and must keep tabs on a huge list of medications. Missing a dose is a fatal mistake that one cannot afford to make. In fact, roughly 50% of hospital admissions are related to poor medication intake.  Given this reality, we wanted to take RxToMe to the next level by not just providing convenience for patients to receive their medication, but also create features that gives them more control over their medications and encourages them to never miss a dose again. “

– Zeeshan Hayat, Co-Founder & CEO of RxToMe

RxToMe is free to download in the App Store and Google Play!

Screenshots of RxToMe Medication Manager:

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